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Fashion Comapany Boohoo Is Using Images Of Models Without Photoshop And Women Everywhere Rejoice!

Boohoo isn’t the only company who has chosen to use models without editing out their flaws. Missguided and Asos have both left the model’s unedited photos in ad campaigns and CVS – one of the largest pharmacy and drug store chains in North America – vowed earlier this year to ban the use of Photoshop when it comes to their own beauty ads.


We do have to point out, however, that Boohoo does have images of the same model that went viral in some edited shots. But that is to be expected as it would take a lot of time, energy, money, and manpower to replace all of the photos on their site with “natural” ones.


In fact, Boohoo should be commended for having any untouched photos on their site. Posting an image that shows a model’s stretchmarks may seem trivial to some people, but women have been calling for an end to the Photoshop process for a while.


Maybe, in some small way, Boohoo will shake enough trees to cause an entire forest to change their colors!


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