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Fashion Comapany Boohoo Is Using Images Of Models Without Photoshop And Women Everywhere Rejoice!

With all of the billions of dollars spent on marketing and advertising each year, one company is proving that being honest is more valuable than a clever ad campaign. The online fashion retailer Boohoo is grabbing headlines all over the world after one woman made an innocent Facebook post about something she observed on one of Boohoo’s models. Or, should we say lack of something…

Hair extension professional Cheryl Adele’s Facebook post went viral after she posted:

I find this so amazing! That even on a massive clothing brand like Boohoo they haven’t photoshopped away the models stretch marks! 💖
This is what girl power is all about! And every woman has imperfections. It shouldn’t be photoshopped away to give unrealistic expectations! Its what makes us who we are! Its reality #womenpositvitey

Here’s A Look At The Original Photo:

Cheryl’s entire statement has spoken to women across the globe, but the key part of her post that is rallying ladies everywhere to get behind Boohoo and support the company is “This is what girl power is all about!” We all have flaws and imperfections so why do fashion and beauty companies continuously try to fool us into thinking that they’ve found the perfect woman and she’s selling their products?

This Isn’t A One-Time Thing Either:

Here’s the same gorgeous model in a different swimsuit. As you can see, Boohoo did retouch this shot either.


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