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Family Lucky To Be Alive After They Ignore Park Signs And Get Chased By Cheetahs TWICE

We all love animals, right? That’s why millions of people around the world flock to zoos, nature parks, or go on a safari for their vacations. There are also aquariums, national parks, campsites, and other destinations where a family can be close to nature in one way or another.

A family on holiday in the Netherlands also decided they would like to take in the sights and sounds of nature so they took a visit to Safari Park Beekse Bergen just outside the city of Tilburg. Beekse Bergen boasts being “the largest wildlife zoo of the Benelux region and provides a home to approximately 1,250 animals from over 150 species, varying from small mammals to large birds.”


If you’ve never been to a safari park (they’re scarce in the United States), you drive either your car or one provided by the attraction on a specific marked path and observe the animals at your own speed. Some parks offer an audio tour along with your car ride to enhance your experience. Regardless of the different bells and whistles safari parks offer, they all have one very important rule: do not get out of your vehicle.

This sounds simple enough, right? Rhinos charge. Elephants stampede. Big cats pounce. Any animal can do pretty extensive damage if you mess with their habitat or they feel threatened. This isn’t something that needs to be taught, it just is. Unfortunately, this particular family in question must not have gotten the memo.


The family left their vehicle – with small children in tow – to get a closer look at the cheetahs. You know, the world’s fastest land animal. The man gets out of the driver seat and begins taking photos. The woman, holding a small child emerges from the passenger side with an older child following behind. She puts a couple of items in the trunk of the car then proceeds to film the cheetahs, who are relaxing nearby.

The car behind them filmed the entire situation as you hear the shock in their voices over what they are witnessing. A few minutes later, the witnesses catch the family out of their car again! This time, the cheetahs noticed them and decided they wanted a closer look. A much closer look.

It really shouldn’t need to be said that you should never leave your car in a safari park, but we’ll say it anyway: Do not leave your car if you’re visiting a safari park. This family was very lucky no one was injured or worse.

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Source: Family Ignores Park’s Warning, Pays for Actions When Cheetahs Start Chasing by Liftable

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