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Family Lived A First-Time Homeowner’s Nightmare As House Was Infested With Bugs!

Buying a home is certainly rewarding and a solid investment for many, but it takes time for it to come to fruition and that time can be nerve-wracking. Sure, there’s the process of weighing all the options of financing and actually choosing which home satisfies all your needs, but the stress doesn’t stop once the home is picked out and an offer made. The days that come between the offering being signed and closing day can be the most stress-filled anyone can and will experience.

For first-time homebuyers, they get a reality check pretty quickly on how the process actually works. Hopefully, the real estate agent is there to guide them and lead them down the right path, but even then, some couples opt to do things differently and take shortcuts along the way.


Just about every realtor explains the importance of getting a home inspection and some mortgage lenders even insist on it. For those that have the option, the Pinder’s story is the perfect reason why you should always shell out the extra money to get one done.

Jacob and Amy Pinder found out the hard way what happens when you don’t get a home inspection done. The couple purchased their first home together off an ad they found posted by a realtor on Zillow. The ad for the trailer claimed it was “absolutely move-in ready” and that it was “well-maintained.”

The couple, not understanding the importance of getting a home inspection, waived their right to do so, thinking they could trust the realtor’s listing and save a few hundred dollars.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t and the result has cost them much more than the professional inspection would have.


Everything seemed okay at first, but within a few weeks of moving in, the Pinders discovered that the trailer they had just purchased had a few issues – the most glaring one being that it was infested with termites. The damage was so bad, the walls began to crumble and the Pinder family found themselves without a kitchen as they tried to put the pieces back together while contacting the realtor to get some help.

The realtor told them because they refused to get a home inspection, they essentially purchased the trailer “as is.” They were completely on their own.

Amy and Jacob were desperate and contacted their local news. The outlet ran their story and the very next day a pest control company came out to handle their termites. The family was relieved at least that part was handled but it had been nearly seven months without a home-cooked meal or a kitchen.

Unbeknowest to the Pinders, another good Samaritan, this time a woman named Gloria would step in to help. Gloria saw the story on the news and enlisted the help of her church to raise funds for the Pinders. Once there was enough donated, Gloria took the money and purchased the family materials and appliances.

Neighbors and strangers chipped in to help Amy and Jacob build their kitchen and now the couple has learned two lessons: the importance of getting a home inspection and that there are still caring people out there.

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Source: Family living in home with no kitchen helped by strangers by WFTS

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