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Experts Say Your Beauty Routine Could Be Messing With Your Hormones; Here’s What To Avoid

You may not be thrilled to find out experts are warning that certain beauty products are actually harmful to you on the inside, regardless of what the label claims on the outside of the bottle. In recent years there has been an influx of makeup artists and skincare experts online. Many of these people are well-meaning and trying to teach the viewer how to get the perfect smokey eye or the most effective way to use bronzer.


Since everyone’s online these days, that’s exactly how some people are becoming Instafamous with little to no actual training at all in the field which they consider themselves experts. We’re not faulting these well-intentioned ladies and gentlemen; they have a hack or trick that works for them and they want to share it with you – there’s nothing wrong with that at all!


Unfortunately, some of the products that beauty subscription services and boutique shops are pushing can be causing you unseen harm. Melbourne-based fertility and hormone specialist, Nat Kringoudis says your beauty routine might be messing with your hormones.


Nat spoke with Nicole Jardim and Rachel Pontillo on her wellness podcast about substances that are potentially disrupting our hormones and some of the products they say to stay away from are possibly lurking in your bathroom right now.

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