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This High School Let Its Students Dress As Pop Icons For IDs And The Results Are Epic!

School photos can sometimes be the worst. Whether you’re closing your eyes mid-shot or your hair is completely out-of-control, most of us have a few school portraits we’d much rather forget. But not every school photo has to be awkward.

North Farmington High School in Detroit, Michigan, is quickly gaining recognition for being one of the coolest high schools on the planet. Not only has the school asked their students to dress up as their favorite pop culture icons and superheroes, but they also want them memorialized in students’ school ID photos.

Check out some of the top photos in the gallery below and see if maybe your school might consider this super fun trend!


Don’t we all feel this way about school?


We are cracking up over this one!


Every school has their own Urkel, right?


Thank you very much!


Gem and the Holograms would be so proud!

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