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Ed Sheeran Saved An African Street Boy Last Year, Here’s What The Boy Is Up To Now

After Comic Relief aired, thousands of calls poured in wanting to know what happened to JD and his friends. The Daily Mail tracked JD down and reported an incredible update to this young man’s journey.

With the help of Sheeran and the charity Street Child, JD and his friends are now safely living in a house with a loving woman they call “Ma” who has taken each of them in as if they were truly one of her own.


“I used to sleep in canoes on the beach with my friends. Now I feel much better because I stay with Ma and she takes care of us,” JD said. “She always comes looking for us to make sure we are ok. She really cares about me. I didn’t have that before.”

There is no doubt that JD is appreciative for his chance encounter of meeting Sheeran.

“I feel good to stay with Ma. She is kind to us and cares for us,” JD said. “She makes me feel happy to stay with her. I am not afraid with her.”


In the Comic Relief piece, JD told Sheeran that he wanted to become president one day. One year later, JD will soon be starting school and his desire to become the leader of his poverty-strcken country is stronger than ever.

“I am very happy to be going to school soon. I want to be President, so I have to learn and study well,” JD explained. “When I am President I can help all the other street children with food, shelter and school. I want to see all children in school uniforms.”

With his determination – and his second chance at a real life – the sky’s the limit for this young man!

Watch Ed Sheeran Meet JD:

Since 2008, the Street Child charity has helped over 50,000 children across West Africa and Nepal by finding ways for them to grow up in a safe and loving home and to go to school.

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