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This Brilliant DIY Fairy House Lamp Is The Cutest Thing EVER!

Fairies are some of the most wondrous mythical creatures around and little ones can’t seem to get enough of their sparkles, shimmery wings and fantasy lives.

There’s Something Incredibly Alluring About Fairies

For those of you who adore fairies (or have children that do, too) and have a little free time to get crafty, YouTube DIY sensation Creative Mom has the perfect project for you to make.

Imagine How Cool It Would Be To Make Your Own Little Fairy Home

Forget all of those stale birdhouses you’re used to seeing because this project is out of this world cool and once you watch her tutorial you will be ready to make your own lovely creation.

Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown With This Neat Tutorial

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own cool fairy house project, Creative Mom puts a cool new spin on things when she turns it into a lamp! Check out her step-by-step instructions in the clip below and get ready to have your mind blown.

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