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Disabled Football Player Shaquem Griffin Is Proving Everyone Wrong On His Way To The NFL

Becoming a role model and an inspiration to children isn’t something that should ever be taken lightly, but when it is thrust upon you, the weight can be a lot to carry. Luckily for Shaquem Griffin, 2018 NFL prospect and former University of Central Florida linebacker, he has the strength to pull it off.


While many kids look up to athletes for their prowess in their sports, Shaquem is different. As a fetus, he suffered from suffered amniotic band constriction. Per Wikipedia, “Amniotic band constriction (also known as “amniotic band syndrome”, “ADAM complex”, “Amniotic band sequence”, “Congenital constriction bands” and “Pseudoainhum”[1]) is a congenital disorder caused by entrapment of fetal parts (usually a limb or digits) in fibrous amniotic bands while in utero.” Due to this condition. Shaquem was born with a deformed left hand.


At four-years-old he had his left hand amputated, but this has never stopped Griffin from dreaming of being great. His work ethic and drive is an inspiration to millions, and he continues to prove his doubters wrong, his supporters right, and be a beacon of light to children like his across the world… Something he understands and is embracing.

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