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This Caterpillar That Looks Like A Gummy Worm Was Just Spotted And It Looks Delicious!

This particular caterpillar isn’t fizzy and instead looks like it’s made of a gelatinous substance. It’s garnered the nickname “Jelly Cat” online because it actually doesn’t seem to have a name yet.

It has been determined that it’s non-stinging and probably of the genus Olona, for all of your insect-lovers out there.

Seriously, how cute is this caterpillar?

The jelly-like nodules covering it are reportedly sheddable on contact, which researchers believe it a defense mechanism against predators.

Janice Ang spotted the yummy-looking gummy and posted a short video she took to a Facebook group page, Mothing and Moth-Watching, and people have been losing their minds over it ever since.

Watch It Walk And See What It Will Unfortunately Turn Into:

In all honesty, how could you blame another creature for wanting to devour the Jelly Cat? Too bad its defense mechanism isn’t turning into that moth.

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