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New Social Media Challenge Replaces ‘Blue Whale’ As The Darkest Online ‘Game’

Last year one of the darkest Internet phenomena hit social media. The “Blue Whale Challenge” first landed on our radar in May 2016 when a Russian publication began linking unrelated child suicides together through a group on a social networking site.

The story was heavily criticized by many across Europe for causing “unfounded panic” and “Blue Whale” was chalked up to a hoax.

A year later, almost to the day, a 21-year-old former psychology student named Philipp Budeikin was arrested for inciting 16 teenage girls to take their own life.

Surprisingly, Budeikin didn’t deny the charges and actually admitted to all of them, claiming his victims were “biological waste,” that they were “happy to die” and he was “cleansing society”.

Since Budeikin was found guilty, the “Blue Whale Challenge” has thankfully been replaced. Unfortunately, it’s successor is just as dark and terrifying for parents.

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