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‘BGT’ Dancer Who Simon Cowell Promised To Help Gets Life-Changing Surgery

It’s a condition we don’t hear much about. Unlike other medical or physical issues, it’s almost invisible. Those with it usually suffer in silence. Others spend years looking for relief from the pain and discomfort, hoping they can find a surgeon or staff who can successful right the wrong. It’s called scoliosis, otherwise known as curvature of the spine, and depending on the severity, it can rank from distracting to debilitating.

Julia Carlile Is A Warrior


Julia Carlile knows this all too well. She was born with it, and has attempted to overcome its effects. The 15-year-old is part of a dance group known as Just Us, and they recently auditioned for the top-rated Britain’s Got Talent. Their routine, and the girls’ longstanding friendship, so wowed the judges that two of them did something very rare. Alesha Dixon gave the troupe an instant trip to the competition by pushing the infamous Golden Buzzer. But it was another name that really stepped up.

She’s Suffered With Scoliosis Her Whole Life


Simon Cowell was so moved by Julia’s plight and predicament that he promised, no matter the outcome of the competition, that he would make sure the girl got the surgery she needed to straighten out her back. The cost would be somewhere close to $102,000, including airfare. She would need two separate procedures, and there was no guarantee that she could ever dance again.

The Girls Get The Golden Buzzer

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