Dad Films His Kids Every Week Of Their Lives And The End Result Is Incredible

When you are expecting your first child, you don’t know what to expect. You know that you will have diapers to change and your sleep cycle will be thrown for a loop, but you don’t know what to expect beyond that. Friends, family, and co-workers will have your back, though! They will give you plenty of advice on what you actually need and which products are a waste of time. They’ll even offer you tons of advice on things you never asked about! The one piece of advice that a new parent receives over and over again is to savor every moment because you’re newborn will be graduating high school before you know it.

Lotte, Age Less Than A Year


Your tiny, precious daughter or son seems to go from not being able to walk or talk to yelling and running around in the blink of an eye. Frans Hofmeester knew this, and being a filmmaker and artist, he had a brilliant idea: He was going to starting filming his infant daughter, Lotte, every week for the rest of her childhood.

Lotte, Age 5


Hofmeester told The Guardian: “When Lotte was born, she was changing at such a rapid pace, I was desperate to keep the memories intact.” Being a filmmaker gave him the skill and commitment to pull this off, but it’s his foresight to embark on this journey that has the world talking.

Lotte, Age 10


He continued: “I think the reception has been so strong because the film speaks to people. It carries a message about living your life, and enjoying every moment of having your children with you.”

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