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Dad Dances In The Parking Lot During Son’s Cancer Treatments

Most parents would do anything to support their child through a health crisis or chronic illness. And Chuck and Lori Yielding, a couple from Fort Worth, Texas, are no different.

Back in April, their 14year-old son, Aiden Yielding, was diagnosed with B-cell ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). Aiden was quickly transferred to the Cook Children’s Medical Center to receive ongoing treatment.

But around the same time that Aiden received his devastating diagnosis, restrictions began to change with the spread of COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, Cook Children’s Medical Center had a new rule in place that only allowed one guardian to accompany a minor into the facility.

And since Lori already worked at the hospital, she was the one accompanying Aiden to his chemotherapy. But Chuck wasn’t about to let his son go through that treatment without both parents present.

So, he found another way to show his support to Aiden. Every Tuesday when Aiden is undergoing treatment, Chuck shows up to the parking lot with a speaker and some fun music. And he brings some mad dance moves, too.

Cook Children’s Medical Center posted a video of Chuck’s dance moves and wrote, “Every Tuesday while Aiden’s mom joins him in the clinic for cancer treatment, his dad, Chuck, stands outside and dances to lift Aiden’s spirits.”

This is one dad that isn’t going to let circumstances stop him from showing up for his son! And since Aiden can watch him perform from the window, he even follows along sometimes from his room!

“It’s funny watching him figuring out all that he is going to do,” Aiden said, according to CBSN. “Yup. It just cheers me up sometimes.”

But Aiden isn’t the only one who gets to enjoy Chuck’s performance. The staff watch along, too! He really boosts the spirits of not only Aiden but Aiden’s whole team.

As Chuck shared with CBSN, he would do “anything to bring his spirits up a little bit and let him know he is not alone.” And Lori couldn’t agree more, saying, “Togetherness is everything, but even when you can’t be together as a whole family as a unit you find ways that you can.”

They certainly did just that!

Check out the “highlight reels” of Chuck and his son dancing together: