Couple’s Goodwill Date Night Has The Internet Laughing!

If you’re married with children, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in parenting that you don’t make time for your marriage. Sadly, this is the case with tons of couples these days. It is completely understandable; we have careers to focus on, kids to raise, households to run – it doesn’t leave a lot of room for wining and dining.


Shane and Noel Pauley felt the effects of being new parents themselves and were always so busy with the “cuteness” that is their baby that they decided to commit one night out of every week to each other and go on a date.


After a successful run at “date night,” Shane heard about a couple that added some fun to their night out. The other couple took $10 each to their local Goodwill store and picked out an outfit for the other, spending no more than the allotted $10.


Shane and Noel decided to give it a go. Noel admits the moment their date started, they couldn’t stop laughing. They picked up both outfits for a combined $13 but that’s not all that “Goodwill Date Night” entailed…

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