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Couple Finds 23-Year-Old Message Hidden In Bathroom Wall During Renovation

So, what is it that makes the Monneys’ remodel stand out? It turns out they weren’t just renovating a bathroom, they were unlocking a time capsule at the same time! During the demolition, their contractor found something pretty amazing hidden inside the walls – a note from the previous owners!


Mr. and Mrs. Shinseki left an adorable photo of themselves, along with a note that read:

“We remodeled this bathroom summer 1995. If you’re reading this, it means you’re remodeling the bathroom again. What’s wrong with the way we did it?!?!?”


That wasn’t the only message left from the previous owners, however. The Shinseki’s pet rabbit also left a photo and a note that read:

“I’m Cassie the bunny rabbit. I lived here too! (I’m potty trained!).” Cassie even left a P.S. with her hopes and aspirations on becoming the next Cadbury bunny!


The Monneys decided to post a note for the Shinsheki’s on social media, in hopes their message finds the clever couple. It went viral quickly, and the Monneys even received a response on Twitter from a Rev. Jay Shinseki from Sunnyvale, California. Rev. Shinseki said the man in the photo is his brother, Troy, but did not have any further information.

However, someone who knows Rev. Shinseki replied with a photo of Troy and his wife, to which he replied that it was him.

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