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Couple Finds 23-Year-Old Message Hidden In Bathroom Wall During Renovation

For many young couples just getting started on their journey together, they dream of owning their own home. Soaring rent prices, yearning to start a family, and a place to call their own are just some of the reasons that set a couple on the long and arduous process of becoming first-time homebuyers.


Not everyone is in the position to buy their dream home right off the bat and opt to purchase a starter home instead. Usually, these houses are more affordable with a lot of potential, but, they are in need of some TLC.


In many cases, the couple looks forward to the challenges of a renovation with the excitement and satisfaction of the finished product constantly in their sights. Some savvy do-it-yourselfers watch hours of HGTV for ideas, tips, and tricks to turn their starter home into their dream home.


Alex and Jess Monney from San Jose, California is one of these couples who is remodeling parts of their home. Even though Jess is nine months pregnant, it didn’t stop them from starting a bathroom reno and captivating the nation in the process!

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