Conjoined Twins In Mexico Successfully Separated After Grueling Surgery

According to local media in Mexico, the babies’ mother was informed during a prenatal check-up at 26 weeks gestation that she would be giving birth to conjoined twins. The twins were delivered by C-section in December at the Gynecological Pediatrics Hospital in León, Guanajuato and weighed a combined 11 pounds and were just shy of 18 inches long.

Doctors waited until the twin boys were 41 days old before carrying out the risky procedure, which lasted all day. Reports out of Mexico say the surgery was a success without any complications.


Following the initial separation procedure, specialists needed a few additional hours to complete the remainder of the surgery and to make sure their organs were functioning properly. Once the medical staff determined the boys were fine on their own, they were stitched up and sent to post-op for tests and recovery.

The boys spent a few days in the pediatric intensive care until before being released to their family at home. They returned to the hospital on March 2, where they were given a clean bill of health and are said to be “in good health.”

Watch Four Sets Of Formerly Conjoined Twins Meet!

Although its still early, maybe the boys will one day be able to meet these other formerly conjoined twins.

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