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Don’t Grab Those Tweezers Before This Celebrity Brow Guru Shows You These Tricks

Sharon told Femail that the biggest mistake women make is over-tweezing.

“Over-tweezing at home is the biggest mistake you could make,” she said. “Women tend to do too much and muck up the line.”

“This is shortly followed by not seeking professional advice, plucking and then following the line thereafter, so they don’t have a guide as to what’s right for them,” Sharon said.

She also explained that the shape of your eyebrow is all about “depth and prominence of features.” Sharon also says bone structure, even on your jaw and cheekbones, plays a part in how your eyebrows look.

“All of these play a part in the thickness of a brow, its length and pitch,” she said.


Another eyebrow “don’t”? Never go against the natural shape, color, and size of your brows. This is where a lot of women get into trouble because they long for those lengthy brows they see in fashion magazines.

“Skin tone, hair color, eye color and makeup tendencies and how the individual uses their face all factor in,” Sharon revealed. “If someone wears a lot of makeup, then I generally recommend a softened brow – whereas if they’re high maintenance I’ll generally opt for something bolder.”


She has another very important tip that many women are sadly succumbing to these days.

“I would also advise no-one to ever get permanent brow tattoos,” Sharon warns. “Only opt for semi permanent, which will give you the freedom to back out and switch up you look if necessary.”

You may think it’s all about the right powder or pencil when it comes to giving your brows a boost, but Sharon actually says cream to powder filler is actually the key.

“Plain powder looks like powder and has zero staying power, while pencil grabs and doesn’t look natural,” she said.


You may be surprised to know Sharon’s final – and most simplistic trick: Vaseline. The celeb brow guru says that petroleum jelly mixed with hair pomade will add “gloss” and keep your “brow hair in place without drying it out,” but don’t use an eyebrow comb or mascara wand she says.

“I’m a fan of a baby toothbrush over a typical brow brush or mascara wand, which will scratch the skin,” Sharon added.

Sharon says these safe, easy, and inexpensive tricks will give you better eyebrows and make it easier to maintain over time.

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