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Don’t Grab Those Tweezers Before This Celebrity Brow Guru Shows You These Tricks

We’ve all made that eyebrow faux pas that leaves us looking surprised or like we have no brows at all. For some women, no matter how good they are at drawing in the perfect wing or creating the perfect lid look, their eyebrows are still a struggle. For other ladies, their eyebrows are always on fleak and you just gaze at them with envy, wishing you had their secret code for perfect brows.


There are a lot of self-proclaimed brow gurus out there, but how many actually make their living making sure celebrities’ brows always look amazing and instructing others how to do the same technique?


You’ve probably seen a lot of “fads” when it comes to eyebrows like tattooing or other longstanding techniques like waxing, but celebrity eyebrow guru Sharon-Lee Hamilton has some less painful, more efficient ways to make sure your brows are always at their best.


Sharon is sharing the most important tricks of the trade that she uses on celebs and what you should never be doing to your eyebrows.

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