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    Fairies are some of the most wondrous mythical creatures around and little ones can’t seem to get enough of their sparkles, shimmery wings and fantasy lives. There’s Something Incredibly Alluring About Fairies For those of you who adore fairies (or have children that do, too) and have a little free time to get crafty, YouTube […]

  • 7 Tried & True Ways To Blast Makeup Stains From Your Clothing

    For those of you who have an ongoing love affair with makeup, you know that sometimes you end up with more on your clothes than your face. Whether you end up smearing your foundation on the collar of your blouse or accidentally brush your bright red lips on your scarf, don’t despair. Rather than toss […]

  • Bullied 10-Year-Old Music Phenom Shares First EVER Makeup Tutorial

    Reuben de Maid was born with the sort of musical talent meant for greatness. At just 10-years-old, the boy from Wales is blowing people’s minds with his soulful voice and confident stage presence. After seeing his YouTube performances, Ellen DeGeneres took a special interest in the songbird and invited him onto her show. Reuben De […]