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  • 3 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Beauty Routine This Summer

    Summer may already be here but that doesn’t mean we all couldn’t use some more tips, tricks, and hacks to finish the summer months with a bang! Hopefully, you are all stocked up on sunscreen and have been using it religiously. Three million people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year and nearly […]

  • Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex Makes History Once Again!

    There is no shortage of Meghan Markle, AKA Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, in the news these days and let’s be honest, no one is complaining one bit! Not only is she a popular actress (former actress, we should say!) but she’s also one heck of a women’s rights activist, has a star-studded BFF list, and […]

  • 15 People Who Hit It Out Of The Park With Their Disneybounding!

    Just about everyone these days is familiar with cosplay. In a nutshell, cosplay is when someone dresses in a costume as their favorite character from a movie, book, or video game. It’s incredibly popular at conventions and movie premieres. Cosplaying has been around for years but gained popularity as the various Comic-Cons did. Disneybounding has been […]