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Cat Loves To Lay Down And A Massage While His Owner Plays The Piano

Cats are particular creatures. They like things a certain way, and they go where they want to go and do what they want to do. Cats like to cuddle on their terms, be pet on their terms, and enjoy a quiet, peaceful environment. Well, most cats anyway.

One cat named Haburu is not like most cats though. While most cats run to the other room the second a loud noise starts, like a vacuum or piano, Haburu actually gets as close as possible to the sound!

Haburu was the cat that my friend gave me when he was a kid. When Haburu was a child, I used to play the piano in the…

Posted by Minh Piano on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

He can be found pressed right up against the keys of his owner’s piano – while it’s being played. And he doesn’t just lay near the sound. He lays basically on top of it! So he’s getting both the loud noise and the movement from the keys pressing into his body. But he lays there, seemingly asleep, as if the loud piano strums and movement are a quiet lullaby.

Thầy Minh, Haburu’s owner, refers to the cat as “extremely lazy” on their joint Facebook page. Apparently, he just lays there while musician Thầy plays any variety of music. And there was no training involved in getting Haburu to be a “chill music cat.” As Thầy shared, “This is completely random, I have no intention of traning anything for him.”

Check it out for yourself: