Cat Goes Viral Because She Looks Way Too Human!

Interestingly, Maine Coons are native to America, Maine specifically, but Tatiana lives in Russia, where she breeds this type of cat. It’s pretty crazy to think that a kitten mainly (no pun intended!) found in the U.S. has become a superstar originating on the other side of the world, but nonetheless, the Internet can’t stop staring at her precious human-like face.


Valkyrie was born in May, making her just a little older than two months, but between her streaks of gray and her curmudgeon expressions, she kind of looks like an old man! Some people have been a little freaked out by the kitten and it’s kind of understandable. As much as we’d like to think our pet looks or acts human, very rarely do they look so much like a person you have to wonder if the cat isn’t CGI’d.

Others have commented that Valkyrie is downright creepy but we disagree. She has a very expressive face and resembles a human for sure, but she’s still incredibly adorable. We would say she’s pretty fascinating and even bizarre – but we definitely mean it in a good way!

Watch Valkyrie In Motion – Do You Think She’s Bizarre?

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