Cat Goes Viral Because She Looks Way Too Human!

Everyone who owns a pet starts to think their dog, cat, or bird is part human at some point. There are obvious reasons like your cat starts to really understand you and not just your words, but your tone. Some cats will even come to you if you call them. Now, if we could only understand their “meows!”


Over time, a pet may also start to look like their owner. At least, that’s what some people think! Somehow, the poodle next door starts resembling your neighbor – they start walking the same and even taking on the same personality traits. But Valkyrie? Valkyrie takes the cake!


Valkyrie is a Maine Coon kitty who looks very human. If you’re unfamiliar with a Maine Coon cat, it’s basically just a long-haired, large domesticated breed native to North America. Some people thought they looked part raccoon, hence the name.


Tatiana Rastorgueva is a Maine Coon breeder and Valkyrie’s owner. She posted a video and a few photos of her kitty to Instagram and the world instantly noticed that Valkyrie has a very human-like face and makes very human-like expressions.

Head to the next page to see Valkyrie in a video – you’ll be convinced she’s a person!