Can You Believe The ‘Charlie Bit My Finger!’ Kids Are All Grown Up?

The family has had financial success from the video, which was the most-watched on YouTube for 171 days (they were dethroned by Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”), and it was really up on the video-sharing site as a fluke, Howard said once he saw how many people were watching it, he couldn’t take it down.

“After people had seen it, I didn’t see any point in it being on there any longer,” Howard said. “But when I went back to delete it, it was then I realized the video had a lot of views – almost doubling every day, so we decided to embrace it.” And embrace it they did.


Obviously, a lot has changed since 2007 and Charlie and Harry are no exception. The Davis-Carr family has expanded by two members – Jasper, 10, and Rupert, seven – and they starred in commercial ads for Renault, EE, Delta Air Lines, Ragu, and Gerber.

As the 11th anniversary of “Charlie Bit My Finger” is right around the corner, let’s take a look at the brothers then:


And 10 Years Later!

Not only did people watch, they wanted to be Charlie and Harry. The video spawned thousands of recreations, but there will never be anything like the original, “Charlie Bit My Finger!”

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