Can You Believe The ‘Charlie Bit My Finger!’ Kids Are All Grown Up?

Can you remember the very first viral video you saw? It may be tough to do since there’s been so many over the last decade. You remember Psy’s Gangnam Style from 2012, the Harlem Shake in 2013, the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, “Why You Always Lyin’?” in 2015, the Running Man Challenge in 2016, and later that same year, the Mannequin Challenge. 2017 ushered in tons of videos that went viral – from politically themed spoofs to short Instagram videos of absolute silliness, but everyone remembers BBC Dad no one watched the hilarious video just once.


All those are great, but how about going back before then? Say, five years before the K-pop superstar took over the States with his anti-high-society song and dance and became the first YouTube video to hit one billion views.


Back in 2007, two brothers from England named Charlie and Harry captivated the world with one simple bite. Ironically, the video was not intended to go viral or even be seen by anyone other than family members.

The boy’s dad, Howard, explained: “It was only meant for family members. In 2007, sharing video files – about 50 megabytes – was hard. It was too big for email, so YouTube stood out as a great vehicle to share videos.”


However, people did see it. More than 859,000,000 to be exact. The video also raked in quite a hall for the family to the tune of $1.5 million. Charlie and Harry’s parents haven’t spoiled their once famous sons, however; they use the money to send them to private school.

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