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Bullied Autistic Boy Ends Up With A Rusty Nail And Board Stuck To His Head

For those out there who still think it’s a part of growing up, that it’s a rite of passage that doesn’t require societal intervention but more personal character, let’s get one thing straight – this is 2017 and bullying is NOT OK. It never was, yet we put up with it out of a surreal sense of tradition. Parents used to look at their crying child and think, “been there, done that…and I survived,” but that was back in days of sticks and stones.

This Is Romeo Smith And His Mom


Today, kids have gone from crass to cruel to criminal. From cyber-bullying and stalking on social media to even more dangerous face-to-face confrontations, each day’s news feed brings yet another example of man’s inhumanity to man. Sure, we stress tolerance and acceptance and go for a 100% removal of the scourge from our schools, but that won’t stop the bad element out there from doing what it wants in order to feel better about themselves.

And This Is What Happened To Him (Warning: Graphic Content)


When Romeo Smith was returning home from visiting his grandmother, a group of bigger kids came upon the nine-year-old, and they clearly meant him harm. They trapped him in a tree, and when the boy went to make his escape, they threw a plank of wood at him. The scrap had a huge rusty nail embedded in it, and it wasn’t long before said obstruction was stuck in the child’s head. The object penetrated up to an inch, and luckily, bent as it hit the boy’s skull.

Luckily, He Will Make A Full Recovery


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