Bride Pulls A Fast One And Hands Her Bouquet To Her Brother’s Girlfriend

Amie’s brother Matthew was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Savannah. Not wanting to steal the spotlight from his sister, Matthew was going to wait until after the excitement of Amie’s wedding died down. However, Amie had different plans and wanted to incorporate Matthew’s proposal into her own wedding!

“He was kind of hesitant though because he really didn’t want to take the attention off me, but I didn’t see it that way,” Amie told INSIDER. “It made my day 100x more special and meaningful! I would do again and again for him.”

Amie had to alter a few things to make it work, but she and Matthew were able to pull it off. She wrote: “We actually had to skip the garter toss because I was so worried she would see the big ring box in his pocket. She would have thought it weird that he didn’t participate in the garter toss so we skipped it and just went straight to the bouquet toss!”

When it was time for the tossing of the bouquet, Amie stood with her back to the gathering of single ladies, which included Savannah. But after the countdown, she didn’t throw the bouquet behind her to one of them, she turned and walked directly over to Savannah and handed it to her! Of course, Savannah was confused at first, but when she saw Matthew appear in front of her, it all started to come together…

Watch This Amazing And Selfless Moment:

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