Bride Pulls A Fast One And Hands Her Bouquet To Her Brother’s Girlfriend

Most little girls dream of their wedding day. They imagine what their dress will look like, what flowers will be in her bouquet, and the happiness she will feel when she says “I do.” Of course, she pictures her friends and family celebrating her special day with her and what song will play during the Daddy/Daughter Dance. But the majority of the time, she isn’t thinking about anyone’s else relationship; she’s only concerned with hers on her special day.

When she becomes engaged, it’s time to put all of those plans in place. There’s a lot that goes into having a wedding and on occasion, the bride can turn into a Bridezilla. It’s actually understandable considering the focus that is put on the bride and her happiness.

That doesn’t mean it’s completely justified. There have been countless stories and even a few TV shows that show how downright crazy some brides-to-be can be when it comes to their wedding and the planning that goes into it.

Amie Skyler is the opposite of a Bridezilla. In fact, she was so thoughtful and selfless when it came to her brother, she changed the entire reception in order to make sure he got his happy ending too…

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