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Boy With Non-Verbal Autism Says His Name For The First Time

Most parents patiently wait for their child’s first words, usually babbled around a year. And like most parents, Haley and Cory McGuire were beyond excited to hear their son’s first words. But for that family, the moment was extra special.

Their 5-year-old son, Micah, was diagnosed with autism when he was 2. Because of that, he’s also nonverbal and communicates with his hands, using sign language. But within the past month, Micah started trying to use his voice to communicate!

As a professional photographer, Haley regularly shares her work on social media. But when she captured the heartwarming moment of her son saying his first words, she let us in on a bit of her personal life. She shared the video with her TikTok!

The video shows Micah attempting his first words, repeating the names of several relatives. After each name, the family cheers for him and he gets so excited!

Micah’s family

Oh my gosh! We are blown away with the love and support Micah has received!

Posted by Micah's Journey on Thursday, September 24, 2020

But if that wasn’t enough, the very next day he did something that shocked everyone: he said his own name for the first time!

Since then, Micah has continued to practice new words, and is even stringing together short sentences!


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The whole family is beyond ecstatic at both Micah’s progress and the outpouring of love they’ve received. They wrote, “We are so overjoyed at the love and response that Micah is getting!”

Because of all of the support and questions the family is receiving, they even started a Facebook page dedicated to documenting Micah’s progress.

They said, “We have been overwhelmed with love and support for Micah that has been pouring out from all over the world. People have been messaging like crazy for a FB page to keep up with Micah’s progress. We will try to give updates here as he is continuing to learn new things every day!”

Way to go, Micah!