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The Power Of Makeup Featuring Kim Kardashian West

Even with all the fame and infamy, she remains one of the most popular icons in social media. Married to one of the superstars of rap and mother to equally celebrated kids, she’s a constant source of debate and controversy. Indeed Kim Kardashian remains a viable source of inspiration and exasperation. There are many who look to her and her family as the reason we have so much reality TV on our cable channels.

Her Name Is Nikkie


But there are also individuals out there who rely on her for fashion tips, style suggestions, and make-up advice. Now the same could be said for Nikkie. This amazing cosmetics guru from the Netherlands is a professional hair and make up artist and she’s also an expert in products and reviews. Granted, she’s not married to Kanye West and doesn’t have two of his adorable offspring on her personal payroll.

She’s A Beauty Guru


But when it comes to tips and hints, she has millions of followers worldwide. Her Youtube outlet contains a steady stream of advice. Her most recent clip features Ms. Kardashian, and it’s a wonderful overview of the value of the proper make-up and contouring. The 16 minute, step-by-step tutorial, offers up a bit of Nikkie’s backstory as well. She was sick as a teenager and started binge watching The Hills. From there, she became obsessed with fashion and cosmetics.

And This Is The Star Of Her Latest Tutorial


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