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Baby Poos In His Onesie – Dog’s Reaction Leaves Internet In Hysterics

If you have babies, you have to deal with baby biology. The on again, off again sleep cycles. The constant need to feed. And, of course, baby…”business.” Diaper and diaper full of…”business.” Kids subtle systems don’t care if you have company, are resting in the lap of Great Aunt Lil, or simply could live without the pungent odor of creamed peas and formula. Babies truly live by the motto – when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Babies Are Adorable


Actually, it should be “when you gotta go, you go. THEN! NOW!” No waiting. No preparing. Just letting it fly and then dealing with the messy aftermath. Every mom and dad have dealt with a “BM” stained wardrobe or a yellow mustard custard accessorized living room set. Now add a puppy or kitten to the mix and you’ve got a household full of “fun”…and fumes. Lots and lots of fumes.

They Also Have Their Foibles


Our animal friends can also be the benefactors of some of baby’s bottom burp bi-product. After all, unless you’ve picked the wrong breed, animals will act as protectors for your wee ones. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are immune to a child’s worst aspects – or odors. There is a clip on the next page which highlights this household horror very clearly. One look, and you won’t stop laughing – or feeling nauseous.

This Particular Pup Is About To Pay The Price


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