Baby Diagnosed With Cancer After Hotel Worker Took A Photo Of Her On Vacation

“If it hadn’t have been picked up, she may have lost her eye. This lady has saved her eye and saved her sight,” Sophie said. “Presley had not shown any signs of being unwell and she wouldn’t have had her eyes tested until she was four.”

Now that her own daughter is out of the woods, Sophie is hoping their story encourages other parents to schedule regular eye tests for their own children and to do it before the recommended ages. Sophie said that had they waited much longer like they intended, Presley could have lost her eye or worse.


Sophie isn’t the only mother speaking about the importance of early eye tests. April Thomas is sharing her daughter Eliza’s story after her four-year-old lost her eye one week after visiting the eye doctor. Like Presley, Eliza was diagnosed with¬†retinoblastoma but sadly it was too far along to save her left eye. Watch the brave little girl’s story below…

Eliza And Her Mom Urge The Importance Of Early Eye Tests:

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