Baby Diagnosed With Cancer After Hotel Worker Took A Photo Of Her On Vacation

In January 2017, Sophie Findlay, her two small children, and her partner Darren were vacationing in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. A hotel photographer at their resort snapped a photo of Sophie’s daughter Presley, who was seven months old at the time. Sophie and Darren didn’t think anything of it since they had taken hundreds of photos of Presley since her birth. Nothing was out of the ordinary in Presley’s behavior and she definitely wasn’t acting sick. The photographer who snapped the photo, Alessia, noticed something alarming in the image of Presley that neither Sophie or Darren had noticed before.


Alessia pointed to a bright white reflection in her right eye, while her left had the notorious “red eye” that has doomed many a photo over the years. The photographer explained to Sophie that the white eye could be a sign that Presley had retinoblastoma. Not wanting to take a chance on their infant’s health, Sophie and Darren flew back to England the next day and took their daughter to an eye doctor.


Alessia’s warning was confirmed. Sophie said that as soon as they got off the plane, they took her straight to the hospital. They were told it was “really serious” and waited to find out how serious it was. During the wait, Sophie thought of all of the possibilities that it could be before finding out Presley had cancer. But then they received somewhat good news. “It was categorized as Grade B, E being the lowest, so we caught it really early,” she explained.


Presley underwent chemotherapy and temporarily lost her eyesight. After several laser surgeries, Presley is now two years old and expected to make a full recovery. The family even returned to the same Tenerife resort and were able to thank Alessia in person (shown above).

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