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Her Autistic Son Was Non-Verbal, But He Gave His Mom The Best Birthday Miracle EVER

For parents living with a child on the autism spectrum, the road ahead is often an unpredictable one. While getting the formal diagnosis can ultimately be a relief and help get your child aligned with the proper therapies, each child on the spectrum exhibits different symptoms.

Some children with autism are low-functioning and need supervision and assistance with tasks such as feeding themselves, bathing and dressing; others might have sensory issues or uncontrollably flap their hands. Children who are on the other end of spectrum are considered high-functioning and although they able to live more independently, they still have challenges such as social interaction and communication; some children might even be a mixture of both but are non-verbal.

Crystal Hoyt Knew There Was Something Different About Her Son Ryman

The point is, autism looks different on each child, so when it comes to getting your child the help they need, it’s best to tailor it to their individual needs. According to Autism Speaks nearly 25 percent of children with autism do not speak.

Doctors Finally Gave The Hoyts Ryman’s Diagnosis

For Crystal Hoyt and her husband, having a son was the ultimate miracle. After they were told it might not happen, his birth meant their prayers were answered event and they counted their blessings. But by the time their beloved Ryman was one, they noticed something about him was different.

They Sought Intensive Therapies And Gradually Ryman’s Communication Improved


He preferred to play alone and missed many of his developmental milestones. By the time he was 18-months-old, he was not speaking or pointing at all. An Internet search and a trip to the pediatrician gave the Hoyts Ryman’s diagnosis of autism.

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