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Artist Transforms ‘National Geographic’ Photos Into Brilliant Cartoons!

We all know that art is subjective, but sometimes it’s just hard to deny that someone is talented. When you combine two incredible forms of art into one, it can leave you completely mesmerized. That’s how the Internet is reacting to JN Crazy’s cartoons.

JN Crazy is a Chinese digital illustrator who finds inspiration in National Geographic photographs, then transforms them into cartoons using his own creativity and talent. His work has been viewed more than 43,000 times on his behance.net page since he began posting his illustrations two years ago.

Through the years, National Geographic has presented some of the most beautiful and iconic photographs to the world and the way JN Crazy transforms them into his own creations is fascinating to see. Take a look at nine renderings in his National Geography series…

1. Baby Alligator And Frog

JN Crazy’s rendering may be based on actual photographs, but he sure makes them his own!

2. Owl Getting Some Shade

Many people today have a talent for digital artistry, but the Shanghai-based illustrator also has a very clear talent for drawing.

3. Mama Tiger And Her Cub

This rendering includes a close up of the cub’s face, so you can see the beautiful details of his eyes.


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