Artist Removes Original Paint From Dolls’ Faces And Creates Life-Like Renditions Instead

Dolls have changed a lot over the last 100 years. They were once made from a hodge-podge of fabric, sewn together with remnants of blankets and common household items. Upscale dolls were handcrafted with porcelain and their faces delicately painted with life-like hair. When Barbie hit toy store shelves in 1959, most little girls had never seen anything like her.

Since then, the dolls have become more realistic thanks to companies like American Girl and more imaginative like Bratz at the same time. One very talented and creative Ukrainian artist is combining the two, in a way. Her name is Olga Kamenetskaya and she removes the original paint from the dolls’ faces and creates whimsical life-like renditions instead. The results are pretty spectacular. Take a look at 12 of Olga’s recreations and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!


It’s almost hard to believe that this is the same doll, but Olga walks her followers through her steps on her Instagram account.


When Olga removes the original paint, just the structure of the face is left, allowing her to give the doll any life-like look she comes up with.


Olga was honored by Vogue Magazine in February when she was named to the publication’s “Vogue 100” list.


If her OOAK dolls are a little too realistic, you’re not the only one who thinks that. “Some people are scared by the realism of my dolls; they find them terrifying. Others, on the contrary, admire such aesthetics,” she told Vogue.


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