Artist Creates Amazing Murals That Can Only Be Seen In The Dark

One of our favorite things to share with you on AdaliaRose.com is an artist’s vision. Every once in a while, someone comes along whose talent, skill, creativity, and individuality is so breathtaking that we have to share it with you. These adjectives don’t even begin to describe Bogi Fabian; she is all of them and so much more. Bogi is a brilliant painter whose murals will take you into a whimsical dreamland – as long as you try to view them while you’re in the dark. In the light, they look like every other wall, ceiling, or structure.

Like many artists, Bogi has a clear vision that she wants to share with others. The Hungarian painter has been gaining fame globally for her multiluminous masterpieces which she paints without having a formal education in art. This makes her work even more impressive; she didn’t learn how to do this, she dreamt it all on her own.

While she is multitalented and works in ceramics, traditional painting, installation art, photography, body painting, and sculpting, it is her ultraviolet murals that will leave you mesmerized. Bogi explained on BoredPanda: “I believe searching for answers in our life is indispensable, therefore looking at things in different ways may help us understand more – even about ourselves.”

Bogi continued: “I believe that through my art, I must introduce people to light and this extraordinary range of its spectrum. Ultraviolet. This magical world full of new colors has so much more to offer than people believed in the past few decades. I feel personally obligated to elevate UV and glow in the dark colors to the nouveau they deserve.”


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