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Arizona Newlyweds Go Viral After Bride Posted Photos Of Cute Prank On Hubby

Heidi said while they were zipping Eric into Chelsea’s dress, the whole cabin was hysterical. Her brother even put on Heidi’s deodorant and perfume to smell like her so he could sneak up behind Val in the “first look” photo. It worked. Val had no idea when he turned around that it wasn’t his beautiful, blushing bride – it was her brother!


As far as easing Val’s nerves for the ceremony, it definitely worked. Heidi said, “He was already smiling when we did the actual first look. We were able to have a very intimate, special moment because he wasn’t so nervous.”

It also turned out to be one of Val’s favorite memories from their wedding as the wedding party shared theirs from the big day.

“Mine were exchanging our vows and seeing everyone dancing and having a good time,” Heidi said. “And Val said, ‘Definitely seeing Eric in the wedding dress.”


After Heidi got the photos back from Nichole, she posted them on Facebook, thinking¬†that her friends and family would find it hilarious. They weren’t the only ones, however. The photos quickly went viral and Nichole says that her Facebook page has received more than one million views over it!

Watch Heidi And Val Talk About The Prank And The Internet’s Reaction:

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