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Arizona Newlyweds Go Viral After Bride Posted Photos Of Cute Prank On Hubby

Being a wedding photographer, or a professional photographer who takes on wedding jobs, means that you get to experience one of the most joyful moments of two people’s lives. It can also be an extremely nerve-wracking experience as Nichole Cline of KevinChole Photography in Arizona recently found out. But the way the bride eased her groom’s nerves not only made for one eventful job for Nichole but the Internet won’t forget it anytime soon either.


Heidi was set to marry her boyfriend of 10 years, Val Zherelyev, in June. Everything was picture perfect at The Gathering Place in Pinetop, AZ, the site of their wedding. Everything except for Val’s nerves, which were a mess leading up to the big day

“He was a ball of nerves,” Heidi said. “His palms were sweaty. He was trembling.”


Always one to love a good prank, Heidi enlisted her friend Chelsea in a last-minute move to ease her fianc√©’s nerves. She let Nichole in on the joke, too, since Nichole’s “first look” photos were going to play a key role in getting one over on her soon-to-be-husband.


Heidi also asked her brother Eric to play a role too – the bride! Without Val having any clue, she snuck her brother into her cabin a couple of hours before the nuptials were to take place so he had plenty of time to change into Chelsea’s wedding gown.

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