Another Waitress Receives A Massive Tip – But This One Came With A Special Message!

Being a server isn’t as easy as it looks. If you’ve never waited tables, it may seem like all it entails is taking someone’s order then bringing the food to them when it’s ready. That’s not even close to what a server goes through. In many restaurants, servers handle everything from food orders to nighttime clean up. That’s not even mentioning the complaints, spills, and frustrated patrons they deal with every shift.


Typically in the U.S., it’s customary to leave a tip between 15-20% considering they often make much less than the minimum wage. Some countries don’t tip at all but pay their servers a living wage. It used to be that your gratuity reflected the level of service you received but nowadays, it’s considered in poor taste to leave anything less than 15% regardless of the service.


Of course, there are those big tippers who insist on leaving nothing less than 25%. We shared a story with you recently about one truck driver who left his server way more than 25%; he left a $1,000 tip on an $11 burger then turned around and gave her second $1,000 tip on a slice of pie.


One Washington waitress received a tip even bigger than that recently and it wasn’t from a celebrity or regular patron. It was from an unassuming couple visiting the area who happened to enjoy their meal and the service provided by Michelle Bozeman.

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