Almost Famous: Artist Finds Regular People With Celebrity Names And Photographs Them

“Almost Famous” was made in collaboration with a well-known New Zealand brand, and Troy said that all of his models “have such incredible stories.” Troy continued: “From being hung up on while trying to make restaurant reservations, to being stalked outside their hotel rooms on holiday. Living with a famous name is hard!”

Ben Affleck

This Ben Affleck can’t say he’s Batman, but he can say he’s a student in Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island. As far as winning two Academy Awards, that remains to be seen for this young man!

Jacky Chan

The spelling may be different, but it’s pronounced the same way. This Jacky is a pharmacist from Ellerslie, a suburb of Auckland. Can you imagine calling your local CVS to speak to the pharmacist and “Jackie Chan” answers?

Sarah Jessica Parker

She may be a farrier from Warkworth in the Northland Peninsula, but we think she looks young enough that she could have been named after the Sex and the City actress, who’s been acting since the 80s. What do you think?

Anthony Hopkins

Unfortunately, this Anthony Hopkins from the waterfront city of Wellington isn’t knighted – that we know of! – and isn’t considered one of the greatest living actors today. However, he may be one of the greatest museum workers living today!


All Image Credits: Troy Goodall

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