Almost Famous: Artist Finds Regular People With Celebrity Names And Photographs Them

We’ve all met someone at some point in our lives who slightly resembles a celebrity. In some cases, the person looks so similar to a celeb that you swear they’re the A-lister’s doppelgänger. Think about it. When you describe someone, you might say “She kind of looks like Emma Watson” or “He looks like John Krasinski ever since he grew a beard.”

Meeting someone who shares a name with a celebrity can be just as mind-blowing. We’re not talking about someone who was named after a celebrity, that happens all the time, but someone who has the same first and last name through sheer coincidence.

Meet Clint Eastwood

Troy Goodall is a talented photographer from New Zealand who came up with a pretty unique idea. Troy started tracking down people who have the same name as celebrities and photographing them. What makes his project “Almost Famous” so cool is that he photographs them in iconic poses and settings. Like the Clint Eastwood in the image above, who is an electrician from Pukehoke, North Island, New Zealand.

Michael Jordan

The Michael Jordan above isn’t the billionaire basketball legend. He’s a web programmer from Kelston, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. He’s got MJ’s famous “Wings” pose down though!

This Julia Roberts Really Is A Pretty Woman!

However, she’s not an actress and producer from Georgia, she’s a pizza delivery driver from Tauranga, North Island, NZ!


All Image Credits: Troy Goodall

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