Adorable Puppy Was Abandoned Five Times In 7 Months Before Rescuer Discovered He Was Special

Over the last few years, animal lovers and activists alike have achieved a lot of success with the #AdoptDontShop campaign. Some people would even say it’s gone too well. The ASPCA says that 6.5 million animals enter shelters each year, either by surrendering their pet or because animal services rescue one from deplorable conditions. The ASPCA reports that twice as many animals enter a shelter as a stray than are relinquished by their owners.

In fact, some shelters across the U.S. are reporting the campaign has gone so well, they have no animals to adopt out and have been turning people away! As great as this news is for the dogs and cats who are finding homes, some animals just can’t catch a break and end up back where they started from. Ivor is one of these dogs. He wasn’t surrendered to a shelter twice, however, he was abandoned five times in his first seven months of life.

Every time someone would fall in love with Ivor’s adorable face and charming personality but take him home and say he wouldn’t listen. Every owner said he turned into a “bad dog” who wouldn’t listen. Some tried taking him to training classes while others didn’t even bother and just gave him back to the shelter they found him. All puppies are mischevious but according to records, Ivor was incorrigible and untrainable.

It turns out, Ivor wasn’t trying to be any of those things. He just couldn’t understand what his owners were trying to teach him because he couldn’t hear them. On his last surrender to the RSPCA of Halifax, Huddersfield and Bradford in Nova Scotia, one of the vets figured out Ivor was deaf!

Once they knew why Ivor was “misbehaving” they were able to teach him to understand commands like sit and come the same way humans do – by sign language. The RSPCA volunteers worked with him every day and in December, he was adopted by Emily Bromilow who fell in love with him and also learned sign language so she could communicate with him. She even started a Facebook page for him called Ivor the Deaf Dog’s Fun Page where she posted photos and videos of the sweet Staffordshire terrier. Although Emily admits he’s still a little cheeky and gets into mischief from time to time but says he’s settling in quite well.

She also says he is incredibly smart and has keen eyesight – which he uses to his advantage for more than getting through his day. Emily posted that the highlight of his day is getting into bed with “my kong full of carrots, spam, dog biscuits, and peanut butter – in fact, I love this so much that I often request my bed early but the family makes me wait until their bedtime.” How adorable is he?!

Watch Ivor’s Story:

Source: 7-Month-Old Puppy Abandoned 5X Before Rescuers Discover He’s Deaf by Liftable

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