WATCH: Adalia Rose’s Epic 10th Birthday Fiesta Will Totally Make Your Day

Adalia Rose’s family and friends sure know how to throw her an awesome party! To kick off her 10th birthday celebration, she started the day by getting pampered and made to feel like royalty. As a makeup artist applied her makeup, she beamed for the camera and radiated pure happiness.

Decked out in an adorable red skirt and hip leather jacket, her signature spunky attitude and fun-loving spirit were ready to get the party started. As everyone piled into the Red Star Party Bus, you could just feel the excitement in the air.

Friends and family were dancing, laughing and chatting away during the ride and even though the tunes were pumping, somehow Adalia’s youngest baby brother was able to nap through it all.

First stop? Shopping of course! Adalia wanted to find a cute choker-style necklace and it didn’t take long until she found the perfect one! After that the party bus took everyone to a candy store, because who doesn’t love candy on their birthday???

There were a few more surprises in store for Adalia, who judging from her sparkly smile, couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful day! We can’t wait to see what she does to celebrate her 11th birthday this year on December 10.

Happy birthday, princess Adalia Rose! Thank you for the gift of YOU!

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