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Adalia Rose Has Mastered The Art Of The Life Hack And Now You Can Too

Back in the day, we called them shortcuts. They were ways around complex or difficult problems or situations. They didn’t always work, and sometimes they made you wonder about the mentality of the person who devised the idea. Well, today we’ve given these ideas a high tech makeover. It doesn’t mean they’re any better, but by calling them “hacks” we at least sound contemporary and cool.

Adalia Rose Is The Queen


But what are hacks, really? They’re not new or novel ideas. They’re just unusual applications for other items. Still, someone thought of them and someone used them, so the cycle is complete, and because it might work 10 percent of the time, it gets tossed in with other pseudo-successful hints, and before you know it, a social media sub-genre is born.

She’s Amazing


For someone with progeria, life is nothing but a series of hacks. The world is just not made for someone with that condition, and it requires a bit of ingenuity and imagination. Both of those words describe Adalia Rose perfectly. This little spitfire doesn’t let progeria slow her down. In fact, she’s a constant source of inspiration for anyone who has to put up with life’s petty problems.

And Multi-Talented


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