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WATCH: Adalia Rose Answers Fans Questions And Shares A Few Of Her Favorite Things

Adalia Rose’s fans are in for a real treat after she created a video with her mom to share all of her favorite things. We can’t help but love everything about this awesome warrior whose spunky spirit and fun-loving attitude have won the hearts of people everywhere.

Adalia Rose Shares Some Of Her Fave Things With Her Fans

In the video below, Adalia kicks off her list of faves with a silly joke about how much she loves coffee. With her amazing mom by her side, she lists everything she can think of that makes her smile and fills her with happiness.

Everyone Knows How Much Adalia Loves Makeup! Here’s Her Fave Palette


Everyone knows how much Adalia loves makeup, so she one by one she shared with her fans every single product she adores. From the NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick to the NYX roll-on glitter to the MAC Lipgloss in “Extra Amps,” it was an endless stream of pretty sparkly makeup that had us swooning from the start.

Her Favorite Gum


And don’t forget food! After a series of questions submitted from Adalia’s fans who wanted to know her top tasty treats, she exclaims “shrimp and pizza!” Yum!

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