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After A Horrible Acid Attack, This Model Made A Miraculous Recovery

It’s one of the most unusual and brutal hate crimes out there. There’s no other way to explain or describe it. One moment, you and your cousin are out enjoying your 21st birthday. The next, someone comes up to your car, gets you to roll down the window, and then they throw acid on you. ACID. And not some watered down variety but real clothes burning, face melting liquid.

This Was Resham Khan Before The Attack


This is exactly what happened to birthday girl Resham Khan and her cousin Jameel Muhktar. They were out celebrating, blasting music and having a good time, when a vehicle pulled up beside them. A man named John Tomlin, who was later charged with causing bodily harm to the couple, got their attention and tossed a clear liquid on them. Jameel immediately responded to his cousin’s screams, and he ended up crashing.

And This Was Her After


Left with horrible burns on her face, Resham – a fledgling model – believed that she would never be the same again. Her most pressing concern – her health and her looks. Back in July, during her recovery, Resham posted this: “Today I was too petrified to walk to my local shop. Too scared to face the world. Too scared of the looks I might get. To [sic] scared to tackle the question “how are you”. Just too scared. That’s all I’ve been. Terrified and reluctant. My life on pause, frozen with fear.”

Today, Things Are Very Different Indeed


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