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A Group Of Preschoolers Wrote A Cookbook And The Recipes Are Hilarious!

Jordan posted four recipes on Twitter and it soon went viral. With recipes like Ethan’s Eggs (Jordan’s favorite, of course!), how could they not? Ethan lists several ingredients in his egg recipe, none of which happen to be eggs.

The recipe for Ariana’s Macaroni does include the actual main ingredients and she even threw in some extra ones to spice it up like strawberries and a backpack (among other things). She went into great detail in the directions, including adding some dialogue from her sister and a trip to the pool. Sebastian’s Pancakes are the vaguest of the bunch, considering he only lists salt as an ingredient. He also isn’t sure what any of the cookware is called so everything is a “thingy.” He does have some great advice to put your plate in the sink when you’re finished eating though.


Joe’s Tacos…where do we start? We aren’t sure if we should laugh or sympathize with him. He is clearly distraught by the whole project and changes his recipe from tacos twice in the instructions. In fact, Joe repeatedly states he in no way, shape, or form has any interest whatsoever in making tacos. He even suggests going to Taco Bell for another food altogether and throws in watermelon at the last second. Jordan’s tweet begs us to ask the question: Where can we find one of these cookbooks?!

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Source: Preschoolers Make Cookbook Together With Their Very Own Recipes for School by Liftable

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